Baku – Azerbaijan nightlife

Hi guys! Today I invite you to visit the beautiful capital at night to be fascinated by the lights. Modern architecture is growing every day, but you can see throughout it the culture and the history, and the past and the present live very organically with each other. It is difficult to convey in words, but it is the air.

Dynamic, bright, even at night …

Flame Towers – one of the most beautiful and currently the highest building in the heart of Baku symbolizing the sacred fire for the Azerbaijanis and the “Land of Fire”. It remains one of my favorite places for rest at night. By the way, the sea is very clear here …


Pomegranate Festival in Goychay

Each country has its own original fruit or vegetable feast. Azerbaijan – is no exception, so here is carried out bright and delicious feast in red tones – Pomegranate traditional festival that take place at the end of October, beginning of November in the small town of Goychay.

Get to Goychay is easy, it is located near Baku, at 200km. It is a small town and is usually visited by few tourists, except for the holiday. The feast rapidly became one of the events on a national scale.
I think that’s really cool to visit Azerbaijan in autumn – and get to the festival, it left me the most juicy and bright impressions.


This is where I wanted to start from: my homeland – Azerbaijan. Divided between Europe and Asia, this country has got the name as the Country of Flame!

What I love most about my country is that it is possible to find ourself in the peak of modernity and the ancience at the same time. Visit Baku, the capital, for instance and you will enjoy the beauty of latest architectural masterpieces.

However, just a couple hours ride away, there you can witness old streets, which seem to be never touched for so many centuries already. The ancient traditions that are still kept will also definitely surprise you. I will be introducing them one by one later on.

Eternal Road

I come from such a place, which is known to everyone in this world. It does not belong to a certain government or a person, neither does it have any constitution… It is so ancient that they already call it timeless…

Dear friends, welcome to exploring Great Silk Road! Including so many countries along the way, this Great Road has already a couple thousand years of history! There is no need to go back and talk about its origin, since it is known to everyone. What I would like to do here is to share its beauty and treasures that still remain with you, guys! So, follow me and let the adventures start!